LIVEBLOG: Duluth’s 7B showdown

This is the post I’ll keep updating tonight as results pour in from Duluth’s West Side for the only interesting legislative primary in northern Minnesota. For visual reference, I am grading papers in my basement lair in deep rural Itasca County (a place that, for the benefit of future foreign or robot invaders, should be classified as “difficult to occupy”). Hit refresh and watch the magic happen. Got an opinion? Share it in the comments.

(9:47) UPDATE 4: The Duluth News Tribune is reporting that with two precincts still out, Reinert is ahead by almost 700 votes. This is done. Congratulations, Roger!

Stenersen carried several precincts, but they were small. Reinert had a clear advantage in the population-heavy areas. Ultimately, I think name recognition and a strong campaign carried the day. That’s what I said back when this all started, even though my prediction of Reinert by 2 percent now appears overly conservative.

(9:44) UPDATE 3: I’m having flashbacks to 2000, when I was working for the Voter News Service reporting results from St. Louis County for the national media. Duluth reports late, but knows early.

Boots on the ground are reporting that Roger Reinert has won this race. I don’t have details beyond that, but there you go.

(8:22) UPDATE 2: Remember, your fast horses are going to be Reinert and Stenersen. I have this as being close but favoring Reinert, others put Reinert ahead by a few points.

UPDATE 1: Polls close … NOW!



    Looks like Roger’s got it locked up as of 9:30PM CST.

  2. Well, the electorate has spoken and very wisely for a change. Roger Reinhart is a breath of fresh air compared to the other picks. Marsh Stenerson is just a puppet for the unions and ASCHME, with his affiliations going back decades and the other candidates, not having the labor part of the great DFL political machine to back them up. The next good local race is going to be the County Commissioners, with a suprising performance by Chris Dahlberg. Also the race for 5th district county commissioner,with Sam Haddad running against incumbant Peg Sweeney. Going to be an interesting 54 days.

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