Don’t fear the wood chipper

Duluth now has its fifth city administrator in two years. I wish I could offer something profound about this situation but all I can offer is the predictable snark. Personally, I was conflicted about making a 1980s New York Yankees joke or something involving the state of the local media.


Mayor Don Ness has enough problems. Not least of which is his apparent fear of being fed through a wood chipper over his administration’s propensity for turnover. Naturally, he wasn’t serious. Not quite, anyway. But I have to remark on one thing. By invoking the wood chipper, this quintessential Minnesota town’s top official is running toward, not away from, the movie “Fargo.” Oh, ya. That’s the kind of thing that goes viral, don’ cha’ know.

Search engines, unite!

Minnesota, Fargo, Coen Brothers, movie, wood chipper, farce, GO!


  1. Without knowing the details of these “transitions” I do know that the common denominator is DN. Hmmmmm?

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