A quick post before the leaves turn colors

It’s been about a month of reduced blogging here at MinnesotaBrown and I thought I’d give you a little update. First of all, yes, I will be bringing comments back when I resume daily blogging but I’ve temporarily closed comments until I have the time to deal with them. If you have a comment please just e-mail me in the “contact” section.

It’s been a challenge not posting about various items that have cropped up in Iron Range media over the past month. I will store them up and release them at some point in the future in a long piece of passive aggressive fiction and/or commentary. One item I can’t help but link to is this Graeme Wood story for The Atlantic about his visit to Hibbing on a quest to find the origins of Bob Dylan’s unique accent. It’s a well written, playful piece that works whether you like or hate Dylan (or Hibbing). It’s amazing to me how 50 years after the guy left town he still inspires such passionate opinions from his classmates.

Though I have been blogging less I have been writing plenty. The column and radio essays have continued and I’ve made progress on my first novel, which I hope to finish in 2010. My work as a community college teacher has ramped up this week with the first day of class tomorrow. And I am in the planning stages for some very exciting social media and viral internet campaigns, including one for the holiday season sales of my 2008 book “Overburden: Modern Life on the Iron Range.” The other is a super awesome secret.

“Overburden,” by the way, won the Northeastern Minnesota Book Award for creative nonfiction and got the world’s best review this summer from Wilderness News.

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