#springmapmadness gets me through this endless winter

Last week, weather madness reached its apex in northern Minnesota. A massive winter storm dumped another foot of snow on the Iron Range. The entire month of April felt like February. People were falling apart, myself not only included, but as Exhibit A.

In a moment of madness, I personally requested free maps and travel guides from all 50 states. My logic was … I don’t know. I think I thought that if these colorful maps arrived in the mail, I might not attempt to build an airplane out of my own earwax.

I wrote about it, prompting the following response from a reader.

@minnesotabrown curious?did you create busy-work and postage exps for every state in the union for maps you dont need & can dnload for free?
— wanda clement (@wandie66) April 15, 2013

Fair. But I didn’t care, and frankly still don’t. If you’ve followed me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve seen the results. But for everyone else, go below the jump to behold the collection of maps that kept me from going crazy. More…

Ironically, and amusingly, the first maps to arrive were Minnesota and Nebraska.

My son Doug was most enamored with Texas. He pointed to Laredo and said we can get to Mexico through there. It was snowing that day.

I am sitting on 217 electoral votes, still waiting for New England, the Deep South and the West Coast. I honestly believe Ohio will come soon and put me over for an electoral majority.

They’re forecasting 60s, maybe even 70 degrees this weekend. We made it. We are alive. I’ll have a column on this topic on Sunday. But not much else here this weekend. Too much to see and do out of these doors.

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