Iron Range Fourth of July 2018

The Eveleth Clown Band performs in the 2008 Fourth of July parade. (PHOTO: M.C. Morgan, Flickr CC)

It’s time for another Iron Range Fourth of July in Northern Minnesota.

Regardless of economic or political winds, the region always unites for an exuberant observation of Independence Day. In local custom, the festivities often last several days (up to a month when there are layoffs).

Below is MinnesotaBrown’s annual Iron Range Fourth of July listing for parades, fireworks displays and street dances centered in the days before and after Independence Day. This list mostly covers the Iron Range, Brainerd Lakes, Bemidji and Duluth areas.

Most of these towns schedule a wide variety of other events, including races, kids’ activities and live music, too numerous to list here. You will see links where they are available. This Iron Range Fourth of July schedule is a start, for people planning to catch several celebrations or wondering what fits into family schedules during a trip to the Iron Range.

You’ll see a list of other popular local events happening after the Fourth of July at the end.

You might also enjoy my popular essay “Things You Will See at Your First Iron Range Fourth of July.”

Iron Range Fourth of July

Celebrate the 4th of July in Northern Minnesota

Graphic image by Aaron J. Brown based on the iconic Benjamin Franklin political cartoon.

Friday, June 29

Saturday, June 30

Sunday, July 1

Monday, July 2

Tuesday, July 3

Wednesday, July 4

A Steelworkers Fourth of July float in an Iron Range parade. PHOTO: United Steelworkers, Flickr CC

Looking ahead:

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Aaron J. Brown is an author, radio producer and instructor at Hibbing Community College. His blog covers Iron Range news, politics and culture. He hosts the Great Northern Radio Show and co-hosts the podcast Dig Deep on Northern Community Radio. His book “Overburden: Modern Life on the Iron Range” won a Northeastern Minnesota Book Award.