Shared Iron Range high school plan falling apart

A major effort to build a shared high school for three Iron Range school districts is on the ropes after two of the three affected community school boards backed out of the plan in separate votes last night. Virginia and Eveleth-Gilbert school boards voted to end their involvement in the co-location of a new school… Read More →

East Range shared school plan having bumpy roll-out

One of the biggest stories on the Mesabi Iron Range this year has been the proposal to build a new co-located high school in Mountain Iron that would serve students in the Virginia, Eveleth-Gilbert and Mountain Iron-Buhl school districts. Jana Hollingsworth of the Duluth News Tribune penned a Sunday feature on the shared high school… Read More →

The understated coolness of the Mesabi Trail

There was a time I had a close relationship with my bike. When I lived in town I rode it to work, to interviews, to the Rotary meetings. My last night at the paper before I went to grad school, I rode the bike round and round over the thread bare carpet of the Hibbing… Read More →

What/where is Britt? Find that and more Sunday

I never signed up to be a historian (an historian? See, I don’t even know) but write a book that tangentially involves history and BAM you be one. The bar is low, but I aim high. That’s why I’ll be the keynote speaker at the Britt Community Historical Society Annual Dinner on Sunday, July 11… Read More →

Oh, Buhl

The Iron Range town of Buhl (home of Buhl Water) made headlines when its election officials accidentally went home without reporting their results to the Secretary of State’s office. This led to a lot of confusion and jumpiness when the need for a statewide recount in the U.S. Senate race became apparent. I will avoid… Read More →

Big Brother is NOT watching Buhl

An update: The people of Buhl have spoken. The city is now backing off plans to install surveillance cameras on the streets of this small Iron Range town. Now the midnight riots may continue unabated. The feds are still listening to our phone calls, but at least public urination laws remain difficult to enforce. Related… Read More →

Big Brother is Watching Buhl

Ah, Buhl. When will we ever learn to understand your ways? This is an AP synopsis of a story from the Mesabi Daily News: Iron Range town mulls surveillance cameras placed around townThe Associated Press – Sunday, December 16, 2007 BUHL, Minn. — Law enforcement officials in the Iron Range town of Buhl want to… Read More →