Health care tour comes to Hibbing today

State Rep. Carolyn Laine, an Iron Range native, will be in Hibbing today with other legislators to tout a bill for universal health care that she and others will be proposing this session. Those interested in the health care debate should check it out. I would go if it weren’t cross-scheduled with the dinnertime insanity of our child-filled home.

Thursday, Feb. 7 at 5:30 p.m.
Hibbing Community College, Main Commons

Minnesotans Have Spoken

We have heard from you: our health care system is broken. Even with insurance, many have trouble affording necessary care. Losing insurance coverage is a very real concern. And for those who are without health insurance, the stories get even worse.

Legislators Must Act

We have proven solutions to our health care mess in hand. Come join us in the town hall meeting.

We will tell you about the Minnesota Health Care Act that would provide quality, affordable, comprehensive health care to all Minnesotans through all stages of life.

Serious health care reform means:

• All Minnesotans covered
• Pre-existing conditions covered
• Deductibles, co-pays eliminated
• Choice of doctors, hospitals, clinics
• Guaranteed for life

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