Franken handles tax situation with perfect P.R.

Sure, you can dismiss this because my blog has been supportive of Al Franken’s bid for the U.S. Senate. But I also know quite a bit about public relations and the news as part of my past career as a newspaper editor. I don’t think Al Franken could have handled this tax story any better than he has. After a minor story about a past mistake in Franken’s taxes, Al hired accountants to investigate. When his own accountants found a mistake in where his taxes were paid the campaign announced it themselves. They called every state delegate and even bloggers like me to explain the situation. All this before the media even reported the story. That is the classic definition of good public relations; confronting negativity head on, honestly and, most important, proactively.

This is going to be a part of the news cycle for the next few days but I’ll go out front saying that Franken’s campaign has approached this with both good faith and political awareness.


  1. It was an accountant’s mistake, not very important to the critical question who who Minnesota should hire to be their next U.S. Senator.

    All the same, I still think that Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer is thousands of times more qualified for that job than Franken. With 30 years of foreign policy expertise, impeccable honesty and a keen understanding of energy issues, Jack would just make a much better Senator.

    Jack’s campaign has been more substantive all along, which is why Franken will no longer debate Jack or appear at the same public forum. The contrast is simply too embarrassing.

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