Rural electric cooperative, don’t fail me now!

Did I say “just over half a foot of wet, heavy snow” in my last post? Now that I’ve shoveled, I can attest that it’s at least a foot. And we just heard that we’re getting another foot tonight. What had been a somewhat dry winter in northern Minnesota is going to be moistened rather quickly here in late April. Wet blizzards like this one cause rural residents like myself to just stare at the lights wondering when a ice and snow laden tree is going to fall on a power line and put us in the dark. Come on big green! Hold on through the night!

I work at a college. Snow day tomorrow? I hope so because driving my Ford Focus in this crap is like crossing the Sax-Zim peat bog on a riding lawnmower. I swear, the tires are like what you see on a drink cart.

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