Flash: Iron Range Stalin voters breaking for Clinton

I just love the crime section of the Grand Rapids (Minn.) Herald-Review. Most of the dailies up here on the Iron Range gloss over the small town crime, trimming out the details that make weekly and twice-weekly crime blotters more interesting.

This is from Wednesday’s Herald-Review:

The words, “Hillary for President,” were spray-painted in green paint on a vehicle parked on 21st Street Southwest in Grand Rapids. Three days earlier, the owner of the vehicle reported “Stalin for President,” was painted on the same car. No damage estimate was given.

I don’t know if this is a sophisticated joke, random vandalism or the reflection of a genuine Stalin-to-Clinton political trend. Stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous says

    Oh Aaron blogger of the northland. Are you feeling the despair I am with the current state of this non ending primary race. I want Obama to win and I am currently feeling the sickness in my stomach that the establishment Hillary will not let go and her media entourage is going to take it from him.


  2. Anonymous says

    She may have already handed the whole thing to McCain. I certainly hope not.

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