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We just got out of another of our famous wind-induced power outages today in rural Itasca County. Itasca is a land of lakes and trees, two things that cause a lot of problems when the wind blows hard. So I’m back up and running … and by running I mean surfing the Internet. You know, power company lobbyists will tell you the problem is not enough big power plants; but the truth is that this is all about wind. Where does the wind come from? Lobbyists. This may never end. (I intend to prove this theory by hiring a lobbyist to have it declared true).

The Duluth News-Tribune today features a point/counterpoint argument between two of its editorial page writers about whether the “Northland” is losing its famous work ethic. Robin Washington says we are. Chuck Frederick says we aren’t. What do I think? To survive in northern Minnesota you need to work hard. Leaving for a wedding yesterday afternoon, I had to remove a large tree that had blown down along the township road where I live. Lazy people would have just turned around and watched the tube. I had a shrimp cocktail and an open bar waiting for me in Chisholm and, dammit, I moved the tree. That’s the way of our people.

Meantime, also in today’s Duluth News-Tribune and relevant to my Itasca County theme for the day, the Kayak lady is closing in on her goal of kayaking on all 1,006 lakes in Itasca County.

That’s right. Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes (actually more than that), 1,000 of which are in the mid-sized county where I live. Tell me again why it’s “better” for me to move to an expensive suburb and drive on your so-called “free”ways. I defy your twisted logic.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


  1. With all of these storms we keep losing power and finally decided to get an emergency generator. The hardware store was out of generators, so my husband searched and found one at we should now have the power needed when the next unexpected outage comes. The generator will keep the lights on, food cold and our air conditioning working. Hopefully the generator will also keep our sump pump working to protect the basement from flooding.

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