Coleman tours the Iron Range

A Republican contact has informed me that Sen. Norm Coleman will be in Hibbing on Tuesday for an 8 a.m. town hall meeting at the Hometown Restaurant (formerly Country Kitchen, because all things on the Iron Range used to be something else).

The last time (also the first time) I interviewed Norm Coleman was during his 2002 campaign. I lead with the question, “So, you lost to a wrestler. What’s that like?” He doesn’t like me very much. Me thinks I’ll skip this one.


  1. I don’t think he likes me much either. As I was exiting the elevator at the Holiday Inn in Duluth to set up for the 8th District DFL convention last May, Norm was entering. Once I got over my momentary shock, I asked him if he was switching back. His staff laughed, but Norm was not amused …

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