Blogger vs. WordPress

For those considering starting or moving a blog, I was sent this interesting comparison between the two major free hosting services: Blogger and WordPress. Everyone’s got their favorite for different reasons. MinnesotaBrown is a Blogger blog with a custom template. It’s easy to use, which is why I’ve stuck with it despite the chattering of blog snobs.

(Thanks to Jennifer for the link)


  1. You should note that it’s only a comparison between services hosted on or If you have your own website, like you do, the options are limited for both sites. Personally, I prefer WordPress.

  2. Rather, “unlimited” for both sites.

  3. I just posted the same link a couple of days ago on the Minnesota Voices forum. Sometimes the whole idea of the internet and how information and ideas travel still manages to amaze me. (Speaking as a child of the 90’s)

  4. I think that’s where she got it! Small world. Yeah, it just keeps getting more connected … even as we all gradually lose our social skills. 🙂

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