(Re)Introducing MinnesotaBrown

(There might be some new traffic on the site today, so forgive me for reintroducing myself and this blog).

You know, there are lots of blogs. There are lots of political and news blogs. There are lots of blogs written by authors trying to sell their books. There are lots of blogs written by media types to promote their columns or radio work. There’s even a fair amount of Minnesota blogs.

But there is just one daily political news blog written by an author, columnist, radio essayist, teacher and former newspaper editor based on the Iron Range of Northern Minnesota. That would be this one. The Iron Range is not just some random place, but rather one of the most fascinating and misunderstood places in America – a great place with unique, hard-to-define people pitted in constant conflict with the outside world, the weather and ourselves. This blog explores Iron Range issues for the outside world while covering state, national and global issues from an Iron Range perspective. I take sides, but strive to be open-minded and willing to learn new viewpoints.

I’m a fifth generation Iron Ranger, the first in my father’s line to never work in a mine. The most mechanical thing I’ve done at a job was knocking snow out of a giant satellite dish with a stick. Today, I’m a community college instructor, writer, radio essayist and political organizer. I’m a liberal with a libertarian streak, a pragmatic mind with a radical heart.

I have a new book out that explores my life’s work: understanding the Iron Range and making it better for the next generation. The book is called “Overburden: Modern Life on the Iron Range.” Did I mention? I’m 29. That’s young for the area but I’m aging fast. I live in the woods northwest of Hibbing with my wife and three young sons.

Welcome to MinnesotaBrown.com. I update daily on the weekdays, often more, so stop back or subscribe to my feed.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Really enjoyed the TV piece last night. The story and pictures were very touching. You are so right, the people on the range handle pain in such a different way…they have a strength like no other. Had relatives in Keewatin and Hibbing, I’m orig. from Crosby, so can relate to so much that you say. Saw your book on Sat. at B&N, will definitely be going back to pick it up. Good Luck.

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