"Come Home Bob" draws some wanna-Bobs

Feast your eyes on the third video from Iron Range Tourism inviting hometown legend Bob Dylan back to the Iron Range (Come Home Bob). It probably now goes without saying that we’re having some fun with this. We hope Bob (and you) like the homespun humor.

I made note some time ago that my participation in this video has made me the top Google result for “Obscure Regional Author.” I told this to someone and they said, “Why would anyone google those words?” The answer is “to avoid the vanity involved in googling one’s self.”

Video 2 (“Sweetening the pot”)

Video 1 (“Come Home Bob” introduction)


  1. Fucking brilliant!you guys are great. I wanna smoke pot with these gentlemen!


  2. How do you find time to do all of this? Teaching, book writing, blogging, Dylan hunting? Amazing! Thanks for the laughs . . . as usual. 😀

    By the way, you don’t happen to already have a blog written on Dylan Days, do you? I really have no idea what such an event entails (other than pretty good educated guesses as I grew up on the Range). I’d like to read your report on it.

    Thanks, Aaron!

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