BREAKING: Janezich defeats Entenza

I’m still sorting data, but here’s a fun fact:

Matt Entenza’s 2010 run for governor: About 80,000 votes and 18 percent.
Jerry Janezich 2000 run for U.S. Senate: About 90,000 votes and 20 percent.

And who can forget the millions Jerry spent on that race! He’s been pouring lower grade whiskey at his bar ever since. (Just kidding! That’s actually a pretty big insult up here). It’s not entirely fair to compare a federal race with a state race. Nor are conditions here the same. But the lesson I take from this is that the candidate, grassroots support and money all matter, not just one or the other.

Furthermore, Dayton’s percentage in his winning 2000 DFL Senate primary closely mirrors his performance in last night’s primary, except that he had more raw votes last night. Where did those votes come from? I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that Dayton 2010 closely mirrors Janezich 2000 in St. Louis County.

What a world, what a world!

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