Judge dismisses order, clearing Anzelc

One of my stated conflicts of interest is that am the volunteer campaign manager for Rep. Tom Anzelc, a good friend and fellow Balsam Township resident. You might recall that a temporary restraining order was issued against Tom by a former girlfriend in June over salacious allegations that he denied. I defended him on this blog. Today, the court issued its ruling, dismissing the order. This was Tom’s statement:

Today Judge Dale Harris denied a request for a Harassment Restraining Order and vacated the temporary order that had been issued against Rep. Tom Anzelc. The Court found:

…a possible ulterior motive of the Petitioner…. (and Respondent Tom Anzelc’s) witnesses to be credible and, as a result, finds Petitioner’s testimony to be less so….(concluding) that a harassment restraining order is not warranted.

Tom Anzelc stated: “I want to thank the people of Northern Minnesota for being kind enough to wait for a decision in this case from an impartial judge. I’m pleased that the judge determined that the allegations were baseless. The court was very fair and patient issuing a 10-page memorandum. I know how important harassment orders are in our legal system, and I’m glad we have judges who listen to the facts and apply the law fairly.”

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