Iron Range mining sounds on MPR

I’ve got a hot hand going over at Minnesota Public Radio. Marc Sanchez posted this real sound essay about Iron Range mining sounds Jan. 27. I did the interview in November and didn’t know I would end up (unwittingly) providing all the narration.The mining guys were too tight-lipped, apparently. I was born without that common local trait, which is bad for functioning around here sometimes, but good for getting on MPR more than a guy needs to.


  1. So apparently remenants of the Perp-/Dickl-/Janez-/Sert-ich machine still function well enough to convince half of the District 5B DFL’ers to vote for what may be their least experienced or qualifed candidate ever.

    Fortunately this candidate, who I imagine is a very “nice” person, judging by her visage emerging from every snow bank, will (should they win the General Election), serve as the lowest ranking member of the minority party in the Legislature, thus minimizing the amount of damage they can do to any prospects for improvement of economic and social conditions on the Iron Range.

  2. Wrong post. Geez, this was the one post today that I thought would NOT have angry comments on it. And here is an angry comment. Least qualified ever? You obviously don’t know Range politics. You wouldn’t believe the people who’ve been fielded on a ballot in this place, from BOTH SIDES. But that said, go take the anger to one of the other angry threads. This is a happy post about happy things.

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