Hey! Hey! Hands off my hay!

This morning, NPR aired this story about hay thefts on the Great Plains. With drought across much of the country, hay is a precious commodity these days, commanding double the normal price. This has prompted hay rustling, which is funny when you think about the size and highly visible location of most hay bales.

I wrote about this and my memories of from the hay country just off the Mesabi iron formation for my column this upcoming Sunday. It occurs to me that I forgot to mention in the column that our class graduation picture at Cherry High School was taken in a hay field, with hay bales. I am leaning against a hay bale wearing white pants. I had white pants!

Yes, I am giving a five-day tease for a column in a small daily which centers on hay. It will surely be worth its weight in stolen hay.

UPDATE: A representative of the Associated Press contacted me on Twitter demanding confirmation of the existence of this picture. Below the jump you may find a screen shot of the inside cover of my high school yearbook, with an inset of myself and the very white pants.

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