Downton Abbey in Downtown Duluth

Hey, Aaron, do you watch Downton Abbey?

No, I’m afraid I don’t.

You should. It’s really good. It’s about old stuff and history and elegance and England and such. You like that stuff.

I do like that stuff.

It’s about power dynamics and such. You like that.

Yes, I do.

It’s on Channel 8. You get Channel 8.

Yes, I enjoy Channel 8.

So you could watch it.

I could.

But you don’t?



I don’t know. I probably should, but I just don’t.

Channel 8 is having this special event tonight at 7 p.m. at the Clyde Ironworks in Duluth. They’re sneak previewing the new season of Downton Abbey, which starts Sunday. You could go.

Oh, I won’t be going.


But others could go and that would be great. Let me know how it goes.

OK. Bye then.


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