Moose hunting done in MN until population recovers

No chance to be first on this story, but at least I get to use my Bullwinkle/”North by Northwest” photo art again. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is cancelling the 2013 moose hunt because of massive, sudden decline in the moose population.

We talked about the moose crisis here before. And before that. And last year. It’s no laughing matter; the population has dropped by half as animals are dying for reasons not entirely clear (parasites, climate change or a combination of the two, says the DNR).

Maybe it’s because I just re-read “Moby Dick” recently, but it occurs to me that the head of a moose kind of looks like a whale.

Anyway, no moose hunting in Minnesota this year. The DNR won’t re-open hunting until and unless the population recovers.

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