WATCH: Historic MN House marriage vote slated for today

Today at noon the Minnesota House of Representatives will debate and vote on an historic measure extending the freedom to marry to all Minnesotans. Thanks to The Uptake, you can watch the proceedings here at

Though it is only the first step in legalizing gay marriage in the legislature this year, the House is regarded as having a closer vote on this than the Senate. Gov. Mark Dayton has said he will sign the measure if it passes. Thus, today is the crucial test.

The Uptake is providing a live feed of the legislative debate. They will also be covering the crowds of supporters and opponents outside the capitol today. You can switch between those channels in the viewer below:

I shared my opinion on this during the campaign to ban gay marriage last fall, which failed in the November 2012 election. Below the jump, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis express my opinion better with music.



  1. I thought these were the folks who said don’t take time for social issues, we have an economy to fix. But we all knew that was a crock.

    So darkness continues to descend. Wait for Christians to be driven out of the adoption business, as they have in Massachusetts and eventually the crushing of public dissent as we’ve seen in Canada.

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