In which I pontificate in the rain on MPR’s Daily Circuit

You can hear me on Minnesota Public Radio’s Daily Circuit this morning at 9:50. (Archived below)

Co-host Tom Weber was up on the Range recently and met with me (in the rain) outside Hill Annex Mine State Park to talk about how mining continues to change the footprint of the Iron Range. The chat was mostly about the fact that Hill Annex could lose its state park status to mining, but I sashay into the gamut of Range issues common to the pages of my blog.

If you missed it live, here’s an embedded version of the audio archive.


  1. Great piece, Aaron.

    Its nice to here nuanced coverage of the range on MPR.

    My only gripe is that, once again, in referring to the history of the range, there was not one single mention of indigenous (ojibwe) people. While I understand that this is common, it is also historically inaccurate. The history of the range does, in fact, have narrative strands that precede mining.

    That said, once again, keep up the good work.

  2. Fair point, Joe. I’ve been consciously trying to stress the euro-centric portion of Range history as its *recent* past. Thanks for the comment.

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