Iron Range pumpkin patch power void

snow_pumpkin.jpgThis weekend the Hibbing Daily Tribune reported that Nordic Ridge Gardens in rural Calumet will no longer be in the Iron Range pumpkin patch business. While Nordic Ridge will continue some of its berry operations, it sold off the land where the locally famous pumpkin patch and autumnal adventure world were held.

This was one of the most popular fall field trip sites in the Iron Range region, leaving teachers and parents scrambling for options. Here are a few:

We’ve been to Rassmussen’s Cowhorn Crossing outside Grand Rapids and that’s a fun family pumpkin/hayride/corn maze set-up. I’m told Simik’s Farm down in Kelsey is nice, though I’ve not been there. Kelsey is south of Zim on Highway 7. If Rassmussen’s is too far away for Iron Rangers, I’m sure this is a good option.

Then there is Mr. Ed’s Farm outside Hibbing, where my family and I visited just this past Friday for Mr. Ed’s Grand Opening. It’s not a pumpkin patch, but it’s a very interactive kid-friendly farm deal, with hayrides and activities.

Outside the Iron Range, WDIO just did this story about Engwalls Corn Maze in Hermantown.

Let us not forget the meaning of fall. Taking kids outside to learn whether or not they or their parents have allergies. For a lot of kids this is the only chance they get to learn that food does not originate from squeezable plastic tubes.

Where do you take your kids for fall fun in northern Minnesota? I’m an Iron Range pumpkin patch guy, but maybe people just outside the Range area have suggestions.


  1. The Silverbrook corn maze in Wrenshall is bigger and more elaborate than Engwall’s, plus the crowds are smaller and you can look at farm animals. It’s a little harder to find, but your diligence will be rewarded.

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