12,000 feet, wings fell off, everyone OK (UPDATE)

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UPDATE: The skydivers and pilots involved in this incident will be on Good Morning America Monday morning from 7-9 a.m. GMA will have a live crew on hand all morning.

UPDATE II: It turns out that while GMA planned to send a crew to Superior, the skydivers were slated to be on NBC’s Today Show. A segment aired, but no skydivers. The issue appears to be the fact that the company is shopping its helmet camera footage and interview exclusivity around the TV world for a big pay day. The Duluth News Tribune has an update.

UPDATE III: NBC got the exclusive footage and it is stunning. See it here.

If you missed this, here was the story from Saturday:

Two skydiving planes collided in mid-air, 12,000 feet above Superior, Wisconsin this evening. One plane’s wings fell off.

Eleven people were on the two planes. All 11 escaped, most unhurt and none hurt badly.

The pilot of the plane with no wings was able to parachute to safety with only minor cuts. The pilot of the second plane managed to land safely despite damage to the propeller. His passengers had also jumped to safety.

It helps — a lot — that these were all veteran skydivers about to make a planned jump. They were all able to clear the damaged aircraft as it fell from the air. It’s a miracle that first pilot escaped. The wreckage fell into populated areas, but landed without hitting anyone or damaging any structures.

In the most taut, dramatic, spellbinding story you’ll read all day, this John Lundy story in the Duluth News Tribune is a must-read.

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