Top features of new ‘millennial hotel’ coming to Duluth

Proposed image of 106-room Tru by Hilton hotel on Central Entrance in Duluth, Minnesota.

Duluth may soon get another new hotel, this one targeting a “millennial” clientele with cheaper, smaller rooms and large shared spaces.

“Cheaper, smaller rooms” might sound like “Motel 6,” and “large shared spaces” might sound like “an abandoned warehouse,” but this is different. For instance, the hotel is called Tru by Hilton. “Tru by Hilton” combines the excitement of an incorrectly spelled word with the trusted reliability of a brand name, linked only by the suave danger of a preposition.

Fox 21 reported the story this week. The Development Tracker blog in Duluth also had the story. According to the developer, the new hotel would feature 106 rooms and be located at 525 East Central Entrance. Rooms would start at $99, but feature cool multimedia equipment, ubiquitous internet, and a 2,200-square-foot lobby festooned with games and comfy furniture.

Tru might be Hilton’s hot new brand, just beginning to fan across the nation. But what does it mean?

Well, for all my (just slightly younger) millennial pals, here are some fun facts about the new millennial-friendly hotel:

  • All floors marked with labels and arrows so you don’t have to look up from your phone.
  • You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave your student loan debt.
  • Exercise room has rotary fan for spinning your FitBit.
  • Convenient one-touch payment system reminds that you’ll never afford to keep your parents’ lakeshore.
  • Women’s restrooms boast escape tunnel for bad Tinder dates.
  • Spacious room safe easily fits a banjo or artisanal wood lathe.
  • Crash with your besties on the cheap using our waifish female-sized dresser drawers.
  • Padded play area available for your parents featuring golf simulators and scrapbooking.
  • Vending machines in gym dispense yoga mats and goats.
  • If you squint, and squint hard, your concierge looks a little like Justin Timberlake.



  1. LOL, you should get extra points for dispensers of yoga mats and goats.

    Lot to like for geezers too, room price, breakfast, 24 hour market and scrabble boards.

  2. Growler dispenser.

    Pecking run out back for your chickens.

  3. If it were truly a hotel for young people, the rooms would be $15 each and shared between seven people.

  4. Gen X never gets anything!

    • Except for better performing K-12 ed, lower cost higher ed, cheaper entry level into the housing market, and the second biggest economic boom in history accompanying their entry into the job market.

      I will readily concede that Gen X does not get the publicity or the targeted marketing that the Boomers and the Millennials get and have gotten. The reason for that is numbers. Many more Boomers and many more Millennials than Gen Xers means that they wag the dog as far as marketing and exertion of control over the culture. The M’s get their own music and other products, while the Xers were stuck listening to the Beatles and Stones and buying clothes designed to fit expanding Boomer bodies.

      Unsure if that advantage is worth six figure education debt, though.

      • Not complaining at all, because I know we had good (great!) youth opportunities, but we are also now often responsible for helping those millennial children and our grandchildren while also simultaneously being responsible for aging baby boomer parents and even our grandparents. Good thing we’re there in the middle!

        • I figured you were mostly joking.

          Every generation winds up in the “middle” some time. The only alternative is early death. 🙁

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