Hear Actual Wolf single ‘Baby Please’ off ‘Faded Days

Stop the presses! Actual Wolf is working on a new album, “Faded Days,” and MinnesotaBrown.com has an exclusive preview. Here’s “Baby Please” off that new record, which is set to be released May 2017. Actual Wolf is a rock band piloted by the Wolf himself, Northern Minnesota’s Eric Pollard. Actual Wolf has bounced around the music scenes… Read More →

Merry Christmas from MinnesotaBrown

Happy Holidays, dear reader! Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. Happy New Year to those who mark more secular holidays. And Happy Friday to those who would prefer not to deal with any of it. [Silent nod to ninjas and people with sleeping babies] We are nearing the end of 2016, a time of reflection…. Read More →

Life on the Dinner-Supper line

Everybody eats. Not everybody does it the same way. And still more call the same meal by different names. So, my whole life I’ve eaten something called “breakfast” in the morning, a word derived from “to break a fast,” or end a period without food. At midday, I eat something called “lunch,” short for “luncheon.” And… Read More →

On the solstice, winter’s beginning foretells its end

Today is the Winter Solstice. When I was younger, I used to let days like this pass without notice. Just a meaningless notation on my day planner. Not any more. The solstice is the shortest day of the year, the time we in the Northern Hemisphere spin farthest from the Sun. The event marks the first day… Read More →

Season 3 of ‘Fargo’ headed for Eden Valley, MN

Season 3 of the critically-acclaimed “Fargo” on FX will begin filming in Canada in January. This week, the show announced most of its cast. I reviewed the first two seasons of “Fargo” here at MinnesotaBrown.com, providing a uniquely rural Minnesota-centric point of view. The reviews were quite popular during Season 1, but traffic fell back to… Read More →

Text of Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech

Though not in attendance at the ceremony in Stockholm, Bob Dylan nevertheless accepted the Nobel Prize for Literature today. As people in Dylan’s hometown of Hibbing celebrated the accomplishments of their famous son, the U.S. Ambassador to Sweden, Anita Raji, read Dylan’s speech into the record. It was short, grateful, and focused on the question of “What… Read More →

Saturday is ‘Bob Dylan Day’ in Minnesota

The sign honoring Hibbing High School alumnus Bob Zimmerman for his Nobel Prize. (PHOTO: Hibbing High School) This Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016, the Swedish Academy in Stockholm will award Bob Dylan with the Nobel Prize for Literature, in absentia. Patti Smith will sing “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall.” Someone will read an acceptance speech written by… Read More →

Duluth TV reporter lutefisk hazing continues

Used to be, no one had refrigerators. From this simple truth emerged many methods of preparing and storing food across the cultures of the world. In the Scandinavian countries of Norway and Sweden, that included soaking white fish in lye until it formed a gel. Then, months later, you could “reconstitute” the floppy former fish… Read More →

Taconite Tuesday at Grand Rapids Library

This Tuesday, Nov. 29, I host a discussion at the Grand Rapids Public Library with Professor Jeff Manuel, author of “Taconite Dreams” and a well-respected voice researching deindustrialization in the United States. Longtime readers might recognize Jeff’s name. I spoke highly of his book “Taconite Dreams” last winter. He’s one of the few people I’ve… Read More →

Great Northern Radio Show hits Zenith City

That second week in November was a doozy. It started with a wild election result that left the nation speechless (for a few minutes, anyway). Then the Great Northern Radio Show made its Duluth debut on Saturday, Nov. 12. You now have a chance to hear this broadcast again. Northern Community Radio will rebroadcast both… Read More →