Endorsement politics in Minnesota’s Eighth District

On April 14, almost 200 Eighth District DFL delegates will meet in Duluth to endorse a successor to retiring U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan. Five candidates want the job. Five candidates will seek the endorsement. But considerable speculation remains over whether some of them press on to a Aug. 14 primary regardless of the convention outcome. Former FBI… Read More →

Hainey to run for Iron Range State House seat

With State Rep. Jason Metsa running for Congress, his vacated House 6B seat becomes an interesting undercard in the impending Iron Range political scrum of 2018. Today, the first DFL candidate announced his candidacy. Shaun Hainey, an employee in the St. Louis County assessor’s office, is a hobby farmer and union member from Pike Township… Read More →

Trump’s steel tariffs rile markets, please miners

Last week I wrote that “The Steel War is Nigh.” That day has come. On Thursday, President Trump announced a 25 percent tariff on most foreign steel. He cited Section 232, essentially arguing that the tariffs were in the interest of American national security. Most nations typically discourage using that nebulous language, because any nation… Read More →

DFL lawmaker Jason Metsa enters Eighth District race

Today, State Rep. Jason Metsa (DFL-Virginia) announced his bid for the DFL nomination for Congress in Minnesota’s Eighth District. “I am running for Congress because I know that we only make progress for Northern Minnesota families when we have each others’ backs and stand up to fight for each other,” said Metsa in his announcement…. Read More →

Mills opts out, leaving Stauber for GOP nod in MN-8

As coverage of the suddenly open Congressional seat in Minnesota’s Eighth District intensifies around the DFL candidates, Republicans had also been waiting to see who was in and who was out. Well, their math got easier today. Yesterday Stewart Mills III, twice a candidate for the job, announced he was sticking with his original decision… Read More →

With Anderson, Lourey out, MN-8 race grows complex

Yesterday, Jeff Anderson announced he would not run for Congress in Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District. He had been considering such a run. However, the former Duluth City Councilor and District Director for retiring U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan (D-MN8) didn’t stop there. Anderson endorsed Iron Range State Rep. Jason Metsa for the job. Metsa (DFL-Virginia) has… Read More →

Digging deeper into environmental policy

This month, the “Dig Deep” podcast explores environmental policy, a ferociously hot topic here in Northern Minnesota. “Dig Deep” is a production of Northern Community Radio, and appears both on the radio and as a podcast. My friend Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns represents a more conservative approach to issues while I present a more… Read More →

Minnesota legislature launches into the unknown

This week the Minnesota legislature opened the 2018 session, a three-month sprint toward a May 21 deadline to do the people’s business. So, what is the people’s business? Good question. Right out the gate, we’re hearing about whether new Lt. Gov. Michelle Fischbach should be allowed to serve in her State Senate seat simultaneously. Fischbach,… Read More →

The steel war is nigh

Things are moving quickly when it comes to substantial new American tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum. As I reported last week, President Trump signaled new tariffs in meetings. Two days later, his commerce department issued plans to raise steel tariffs by 53 percent. That’s a huge hike. Though the president has yet to make… Read More →

Notes from my interview with Rick Nolan

This week I interviewed Minnesota Eighth District Congressman Rick Nolan for today’s newspaper column. We spoke for almost an hour, so much of it couldn’t fit in an already overstuffed 900-word column. Here are a few more thoughts from the Feb. 15 Rick Nolan interview after he announced his retirement from Congress. Of course, you… Read More →