Future depends upon vigilance against wildfire

Fire Boss airplane
Based in Minnesota, the Wipaire Fire Boss aircraft is used to fight wildfires around the world. (PHOTO: Wipaire, Inc.)

Today, I share my latest for the Minnesota Reformer, “Minnesota in the age of smoke and fire.”

Wildfires have become more frequent and destructive over the past few years, but are not new. In this, Minnesota holds a distinct advantage. After our state experienced the trauma of the 1918 Cloquet / Moose Lake fires, which killed more than 500 people, Minnesota dedicated itself to fire prevention and suppression efforts.

A state with so many people and trees deserves no less, but even the best fire protection in the world can’t stop heat, drought, wind and sparks from happening. With documented climate change expanding the fire season, the future of firefighting will become one of the central struggles of our times. 

My essay blends history with current events, expressing the awful realization of what’s at stake.

Read the whole essay at the Minnesota Reformer.

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