The Fargo Review

"Fargo" on FX

The FX series “Fargo” takes viewers on a true crime* adventure through the snow-swept landscape of Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. Based on the Coen Brothers Academy Award winning film “Fargo,” the TV series explores entirely different stories within the same themes of innocence lost, human failings, and the redemptive power of goodness.

But do they get Minnesota right?

Aaron J. Brown is an author and community college instructor from Northern Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range. He writes the blog, a column for the Hibbing Daily Tribune, and contributions to publications like the Minneapolis Star Tribune. He hosts the Great Northern Radio Show on Northern Community Radio and co-hosts the public affairs podcast “Dig Deep.” His book is “Overburden: Modern Life on the Iron Range.”

Aaron reviews every new episode of “Fargo” after it airs, with a critical eye not only for its substance, but for the details that only someone who lives on the end of a dirt road in the woods of Northern Minnesota would notice. As the host of a traveling radio variety show about the true story of small Minnesota towns, he knows the state’s rural counties like old friends and speaks the the local dialect without irony.

“Fargo” Season 3 (2017)

Episode 1: The Law of Vacant Places (Review)

Episode 2: The Principle of Restricted Choice (Review)

Episode 3: The Law of Non-Contradiction (Review)

Episode 4: The Narrow Escape Problem (Review)

Episode 5: The House of Special Purpose (Review)

Episode 6: The Lord of No Mercy (Review)

Episode 7: The Law of Inevitability (Review)

Episode 8: Who Rules the Land of Denial? (Review)

Episode 9: Aporia (Review)

Episode 10: Somebody to Love (Review)

“Fargo” Season 2 (2015)

Episode 1: Waiting for Dutch (Review)

Episode 2: Before the Law (Review)

Episode 3: The Myth of Sisyphus (Review)

Episode 4: Fear and Trembling (Review)

Episode 5: The Gift of the Magi (Review)

Episode 6: Rhinoceros (Review)

Episode 7: Did You Do this? No, You Did It (Review)

Episode 8: Loplop (Review)

Episode 9: The Castle (Review)

Episode 10: Palindrome (Review)

“Fargo” Season 1 (2014)

Episode 1: The Crocodile’s Dilemma (Review)

Episode 2: The Rooster Prince (Review)

Episode 3: A Muddy Road (Review)

Episode 4: Eating the Blame (Review)

Episode 5: The Six Ungraspables (Review)

Episode 6: Buridan’s Ass (Review)

Episode 7: Who Shaves the Barber (Review)

Episode 8: The Heap (Review)

Episode 9: A Fox, a Rabbit, and a Cabbage (Review)

Episode 10: Morton’s Fork (Review)