Bell’s stock rising in Duluth

I’m reversing my prediction for the Duluth mayoral race. This isn’t reflective of any personal opinion about the candidates, just a gut political feeling.

I had predicted Ness would win by about four points. I now predict Bell will win by 8. Here’s why:
  • Ness and Bell had their profile stories in the Duluth News-Tribune on Sunday. Bell came across much better, especially in a casual reading of the story.
  • Bell is trouncing Ness in election letters in the DNT.
  • Ness finally released his campaign commercials on heavy rotation in the Duluth TV market. He is way too smiley, way too chipper, the music is dopey and he looks 18. I like Don, but that’s just what I see. He needed to be very serious to counter criticism that he is too young. I would have instead had a more somber narration while seeing Don do stuff (volunteer, meet with people) to gain the advantages of being young without seeming inexperienced. I think those Ness ads send undecideds to Bell.
Knowing and working with Don in the past I’d vote for him. I think Ness would be a slightly better mayor, especially long term. but I see Bell winning this 54-46. But that’s just a Ranger’s outside view. We’ll see in a week. A DNT endorsement and final debate might help Ness.

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