Got gourds?

“Sure, there are other fall traditions. Raking leaves. Watching “foo-ball” on “teevee.” But none of these photograph as well as picking out a pumpkin and petting goats so domesticated they know how to TiVo stuff. I don’t mean to diminish the very real and very fun time we had; but I had to chuckle when I realized how photo happy the whole pumpkin patch crowd was.”

~An excerpt from my Sunday, Oct. 21, 2007 Hibbing Daily Tribune column posted today at You can also read it in today’s paper or archived here. As you can probably tell, this week I talk about our first trip to the local pumpkin patch with Henry.


  1. He says “Meat” when he sees a cow? You’re raising a fine boy, Mr. Brown.

  2. Yeah, you push him in the cart through the grocery store and he goes, “OOOOO! MEEEEEEEEAT!” when we pass the steaks. It makes the butchers cry with joy. 🙂

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