Long weekend segues to busy week

The week is off to a fast start after a very fun weekend. My friends Joe and Krysten were married Saturday and I was best man. The whole wedding weekend was flawlessly executed. It was a very classy and yet very fun affair. I drank only enough to do the “Wild Wild West” dance without any inhibitions. (Which, in retrospect, is probably drinking too much). Had to head home a little early to relieve the babysitter, but it was still a great night. Anyway, as my friends begin their lives of wedded bliss, I’m back on the job.

1) My primary job is teaching communication classes for Hibbing Community College. The college actually saw an enrollment increase this fall over last fall. This was a bit unexpected and the question now becomes whether this is an anomaly or related to the economy. Community and technical colleges tend to do better during bad economic times and worse during good times as we serve unemployed people and those who can’t afford more expensive tuition. Times are, generally, pretty good on the Range right now. Spring will be interesting.

2) On the political front, a few observations. The Star Tribune political blog is speculating that Iron Range area State Sen. Tom Bakk might run for governor in 2010. I had wondered some time ago if Bakk wouldn’t run for U.S. Senate in ’08. I also wonder about my old pal State Rep. Tony Sertich, the DFL House Majority Leader and fellow Iron Ranger, and his ambitions. Only one Ranger would ever run for a state office like governor. I bet one of these two run in 2010. TBD.

3) Also politically, watch this Republican Bobby Jindahl who just got elected governor of Louisiana. It helped him that almost a quarter million Democrats were displaced by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, but he probably would have won anyway. This guy is a gamer. He’s 36 and he’ll be the GOP nominee for president before he’s done.

That’s all for now.

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