MEA Weekend

Teachers and students from Minnesota know what I’m talking about. I’m enjoying the first day of the long MEA weekend. In Minnesota, schools and colleges take off two days for the state teacher’s union convention. Most teachers don’t actually go to the convention, so it’s something of a holiday. I’ve got a busy MEA weekend coming. My friend Joe Foster is getting married Saturday and I’m the best man. I’ve never been a best man before and have no reason to believe I’ll be one again, so this is a lot of pressure. Joe was best man at my wedding seven (7!) years ago so this is a nice full circle moment. (It helps that I’m still married … to the same person. A little bit of “street cred”). Friday is decorating and rehearsal day. Saturday is the ceremony. I can’t say enough good things about Joe and his soon-to-be wife Krysten, so I’ll be glad to be there for the big moment.

“Between You and Me,” the radio show that broadcasts my essays, is on hiatus this weekend to rest up after KAXE’s two-week fall fundraiser comes to a close Friday night. So my essay on junk drawers will air on Oct. 27 with a full show of people detailing the contents of their junk drawers. Believe me, the show is more entertaining than that description.

My Sunday Hibbing Daily Tribune column is about our trip to the local pumpkin patch with Henry. I realized that I had written two consecutive columns about library reading programs and that I needed to change the tone for this week.

Enjoy your fall weekend, folks. I will be away from the blog until Sunday.

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