October nears end

We’ve got a couple days, including Halloween, left in October. So the month is kind of like the Bush Administration now. Almost done, but several acts of civil disobedience will probably occur before its completely done.

Here’s a round up of what’s going on in Brown country this week:

Flu shot day
Today is flu shot day at my workplace. Another year, another charade where I get a shot that will supposedly keep me from being sick. Another year, another probable injection of mind-control elixir. You can’t get sick if you don’t THINK you’re sick.

Wednesdays are busy for me. This Wednesday in particular. Among several meetings and routine to-do lists, I’m working out details on a potential feature exhibit of Hibbing-area Bob Dylan memorabilia and historical displays at Ironworld for Dylan Days 2008 this upcoming May 22-25.

The big event in Hibbing is the “Taste of Home” cooking seminar at the Hibbing High School auditorium. The auditorium is a 1,700 mammoth and it’s sold out. Most female members of my family are planning to go. I’d go if I wasn’t watching babies. The Iron Range is going to be eatin‘ good for the next several months.

Friday and the weekend
As this week draws to a close I’ll be planning my trip to the family shack for my first-ever year of participating in the Brown male hunting tradition, which dates back to a distant but vague point in our modern history. I’ve decided not to hunt; but I will serve as camp gopher and legal analyst.

My Saturday radio essay is almost done. I’ll be talking about the things I’d take with me if I had just five minutes to evacuate my house. Sunday will bring the first of a two-part series of newspaper columns about health care issues on the Iron Range.

Stay tuned.


  1. I’m glad you’ve decided not to hunt. I tend to think you’d be the Cheney of the group, accidentally shooting people in the face.

  2. Yeah, I’m pretty sure there’s going to be heavy drinking there, which is a bad time to become reacquanted with firearms after a 16-year gun hiatus. And the difference between bird hunting and deer hunting is that when deer hunters shoot people in the face they don’t get up.

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