Please don’t talk about your children on your phone in the men’s room stall

I’ve seen this one other time in my life but this time seemed more disturbing. I went in the men’s room and heard a guy talking. This is rare in itself. Men usually have a code of silence in public bathrooms. (Note that the Sen. Craig scandal, sordid as it may have been, did not include any talking.) The sinks and urinals were clear, so I assumed it was two guys in the stalls talking. Even more rare. Then I realize after a moment that it is one guy in a stall on his cell phone. I’ve written a column about this kind of behavior in the past, but here’s what took this incident to the next level:

  1. He was talking to his current or former significant other about his children’s transportation schedule.
  2. He was not just sitting there but, uh, taking care of business.
  3. There was grunting.

I hate to be Mr. Manners here, but COME ON!

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