Steel plant Iran away; we need to Iget it back

The shakeup over Gov. Pawlenty’s new found opposition of the Essar Minnesota Steel mining/steelmaking plant near Nashwauk continues. Local and state officials are uniting behind a cohesive message (for once): that the Iron Range wants to enter the global marketplace and that snap decisions and loaded rhetoric like Pawlenty’s Sunday diatribe harm the Range economy and future.

Let’s give this thing a moment, find the facts, and THEN make bold decisions.

Here’s the morning roundup. Read these:
Pawlenty sent message on terrorism” by Jane Brissett (Forum Communication via Duluth News-Tribune)
“Anger, amazement at plant decision” by Bill Hanna (Mesabi Daily News)

Also, read this.
Pawlenty may join Steger on Arctic trek” (AP)
I’m hoping Pawlenty decides to move to the Arctic when he learns there are no taxes when you camp on a floating sheet of melting polar ice.

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