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And here’s why I like Superior, Wisconsin:

EDITORIAL: Pawlenty favors dogma, jeopardizes development
The Superior Daily Telegram
Published Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It appears Republicans are courting Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty to run for vice president. Why else would he jeopardize a $1.6 billion Iron Range development to defend Republican terrorism dogma?

Pawlenty is threatening to oppose state funding for the Essar Global steel mill project because Essar might build an oil refinery in Iran. His beef? Pawlenty claims Iran is a terrorist state, and Essar’s business dealings there should be investigated.

That’s a strange viewpoint considering the Chinese own a Minnesota mine and export iron ore to their communist homeland.

Isn’t Saudi Arabia a terrorist state? Its citizens took down the World Trade Center, killing more than 3,000 Americans. And how about Pakistan, which harbors Osama bin Laden? Why are Saudi Arabia and Pakistan considered U.S. allies but Iran a terrorist state?

Pawlenty’s blind allegiance to misguided GOP foreign policy is troubling. He seems to forget who he was elected to represent. That could have repercussions throughout the region.

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