A little idealism goes a long way

I don’t know how many people read this; 16 maybe? Anyway, I’m a political junkie and I’m just about OD’ed on coverage of next year’s presidential race. I could cite polls, electability estimates, and resumes, but I won’t. Just think about this: who could provide a spark of idealism in American citizens at a time when few have any at all?

Could you do any better than Barack Obama? Don’t read the news; go to You Tube and watch his speech at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner a few weeks ago.

I know I’ve “endorsed” (for as much as that counts) John Edwards for president, but he’s running third and won’t get the bounce out of Iowa that Obama would. Plus, I’m disappointed with the Edwards campaign so far. Hillary Clinton is what the big media are counting on, but that situation will yield only predictable stories and Fox News-style talking heads debate.

But think of the possibilities if Obama is the nominee? A higher level of discourse; willingness to break political norms; a new kind of president for the new century. An Obama nomination is not a guaranteed win, but a guaranteed improvement of the tone of the election … which is almost more important as I contemplate how to continue watching the news into late 2008. It’s time for us to stop doing what is expected and start doing what is right.


  1. Gravel/Gravel in 2008! He will serve as both President and Vice President.

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