Black Friday observations

The family and I decided to go shopping today despite the many predictable frustrations that would occur on “the biggest shopping day of the year.” Things went fine, by and large, but it sure does raise the blood pressure.

My Hibbing Daily Tribune column for this upcoming Sunday deals with the Christmas shopping concept, so tune in for that. Meantime, I’ll be finding time to get my new LED Christmas lights up on the house. I was limited to buying just four strings because they cost more, so I have to rework my design pattern.

I did make one humorous observation that serves as a metaphor for our economy AND our society. Picture a guy about my age (mid to late 20s) looking over the blenders and food processors on sale at Wal-Mart. He’s on his cell phone, presumably with his significant other, and I pick up the conversation from here: “Well, what DO you want then? … How will I know if you don’t tell me? … Well, OK fine.” Must be a young relationship. Most seasoned pros know that you shouldn’t buy kitchen appliances unless specifically told to do so, and you never stand by the product you’re considering buying for your lovey, call her and ask her if that’s what she wants. Doing so in regards to a kitchen appliance violates two major laws at once. I had to laugh when I saw the same guy later leaving the electronics section with a digital camera. Heh-heh. Someone had to PAY OUT.

I guess they don’t do this in other countries. I heard something about that, somewhere.

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