Rukavina leads early balloting for U.S. Senate

Today is your last chance to vote in the online poll at the bottom of the site. The question? Which DFL figure would be most likely to defeat Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) in the 2008 U.S. Senate race. Your options are Al Franken, Mike Ciresi, Norm Coleman from 1996 (then a Democrat who endorsed Paul Wellstone), and legendary Iron Range State. Rep. Tom Rukavina, who recently announced he may seek the 2010 DFL gubernatorial nomination. So far, Rukavina is beating Franken 2-1 with one sympathy vote for Ciresi. I interpret this as a sign that I am reaching my target audience with this blog.

Scroll down and vote. The results will be published tomorrow and just might influence the race. Like, for serious.

UPDATE: The vote totals held; Rukavina beats Franken 10-7 with two votes for Mike Ciresi. I’ll try to think of another poll next week.


  1. Rasmussen poll this week has Ciresi closest to Coleman 46-43. Coleman leads Franken 49-42.

    Rolf Westgard

  2. Franken should not seek legislative office. We’d be better served if he went the executive route.

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