Surviving the first salvo of the holiday season

I’m generally a positive, happy dude. But it’s hard for me to avoid cynicism
during the holiday consumerism assault. Every year we are treated to the false impressions that our economy relies on everyone buying plastic goods the day after Thanksgiving. We are told what toys are “hot” and what our rooftops should look like from the ionosphere (Answer: like a small star). People spend themselves into debt, creating stress and hardship. The kind of love we aim to celebrate during this season is replaced by the kind of love that is really just a rush of shopping mall oxygen and excessive eggnog. I better stop now before retail federation storm troopers raid my house and charge half a dozen dancing, singing animal decorations to my credit card. (Try explaining that one to CitiBank).

~ An excerpt from my Sunday, Nov. 25, 2007 column in the Hibbing Daily Tribune. Read it at or archived here.


  1. 1. It is November. Your house should not look like December yet. Take down those lights, punk!

    2. Shiny things and applesauce! That’s the new way I’m introducing myself to people. “Hi, I’m Paul. I like shiny things and applesauce.”

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