Behold 2008’s great bounty

Stop! What’s that sound? That gentle ringing … or it buzzing? Why, it can only be one thing. The future!

The rest will have to wait; it’s time to answer the call. Behold, my 2008 predictions for the Iron Range and to a lesser extent … THE WORLD!

The political world is shocked to its core when a pig named Hoss wins the Iowa caucuses in both parties. Apparently, the pig appeared in newspapers pictured with more than a dozen different candidates, enough that confused voters thought the swine was running for office. Hoss goes on to take New Hampshire but lacks funding to compete on Super Tuesday. As a third party candidate, the pig plays spoiler by earning 25 percent of the popular vote and sweeping the Plains states.

~An excerpt from my weekly column in the Hibbing Daily Tribune for Sunday, Dec. 30, 2007. Read the full version, including many more predictions, at, in the Sunday paper or archived here.

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