Do not forsake me, oh my DVR …

We got the DVR (not TiVo, but same as TiVo) last summer. People told us have the digital recorder would change how we watched TV and it’s true. But there are hazards.

Since late August I’ve been holding onto a recording of the Gary Cooper classic “High Noon,” waiting for the right time to enjoy it. That time, I had hoped, would be this morning before I left for work. “High Noon” is a western where a small town marshall is set to leave with his new, pacifist wife for a peaceful life running a store. But then everyone learns a bad guy who ran the town before the marshall arrived was coming back on the noon train. No one has the guts to stand up with the marshall to stop the bad guy and his goons, so Gary Cooper has to do it himself. Anyway, it’s a great movie; full of real human emotion and significance. The final scene is the best in the whole movie, where Gary Cooper and his wife stand over the dead bad guy, he takes off his badge and throws it at the feet of the townsfolk who wouldn’t help him.

The DVR cut off the recording at the precise moment he took off his badge. The times were set wrong, apparently. Arrggh! Confounded machine! I’ve been waiting four months to watch this movie.

You can’t see this, but I am taking a DirecTV promotional leaflet and throwing it on the ground.

Trust me, it’s really dramatic.


  1. If you had gotten Tivo instead of a cheap knockoff, this never would have happened! Actually, it probably would have.

    Also, who the heck has an hour and a half to kill before work? Do you get up early to plow the fields or something?

  2. Ha! I work at noon, sucker. (At least, on Thursdays … on Fridays we do in fact plow the fields).

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