Duluth’s mayor-elect readies for change

Duluth will have a new mayor and city council this January. This is important to us Iron Rangers, partly because Duluth is an important part of the local economic equation but mostly because we are subjects of the Duluth media market and must sit through stories about Duluth ribbon cuttings and task forces to hear Iron Range news. I need to be able to listen to the Duluth mayor without throwing empty alcohol bottles or crude 1918 iron mining tools at the screen. And fortunately for me, my TV and my pickax, I expect to be fine with Mayor-elect Don Ness.

The Duluth News-Tribune has a story on Don’s plans for the transition and a profile on his wife Laura. The DNT also has a picture of the young Ness family here. What struck me about the photo is that the Ness routine of leaving the house is very similar to the Brown routine, except that we have an additional baby in a car seat and I’ll be damned if you’ll ever see me in a navy blazer. My coats are machine washable, just like my children.

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