Holy Highway

The Star Tribune has an interesting story today about some Christians’ interpretation of scripture that I-35 is a “holy way” indicated in the Bible.

The relevant verse is Isaiah 35:8, which reads: “And a highway shall be there, and it shall be called the Holy Way; the unclean shall not pass over it, and fools shall not err therein.”

Get it? Isaiah 35 … I-35. Yeah, well, these folks ran the government from 2002-2006, so don’t give me that look. Naturally, it helps that I-35 runs down the center of America (the most Awesome nation Ever) and passes a whoooole lot of churches.

Like most Minnesotans I’ve spent some time on I-35. I can’t say as I felt any unusually spiritual connection during these drives. I’ve had better luck channeling the Divine on Highway 52 into Iowa or even Highway 63 here on the Range. I-35 is the state’s most used highway. I’ve seen plenty of unclean people, vehicles and deer carcasses on the pavement. And fools erring? Every damn day. But keep chasing that rainbow, Holy Highwaymen.

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