Iron Rangers: a fickle weather lot

Like I said, we got our first big Iron Range snowfall this past weekend, about 8-12 inches. The previous week had been very cold so the first sheet of ice was forming on our lakes; however, most of the ice wasn’t thick enough for vehicles yet. Then came the snow. I now learn from many sources that this creates a long period of slushy lakes — poorly suited for snowmobiling, four-wheeling, or ice fishing — as the snow melts and re-freezes atop the thin ice. I’ve been a part of or overheard four conversations about this topic in the last six hours. I expect there will be much more of this to come.

Apparently, you just can’t win when it comes to weather around here. Some guys’ snowmobiles haven’t been started since the Spice Girls broke up because of low-snow winters. Now, well, we have a slush problem.

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