Just the fax, ma’am

I cracked open my Franklin Covey planner pages for 2008 today. It’s time to include January in my “advance planning” section. The contact sheet you’re supposed to put in the front of your planner includes home and work numbers. But it also includes “Fax” instead of “Cell.” Get with it Franklin Covey. Who’s going to fax me my lost planner?

Fax machines are ridiculous. I’ve always thought so. Somehow, my career has managed to avoid most forms of faxing. I only fax when someone else is caught in the fax age and insists upon it. Fax machines are, to me, kind of like old timey cash registers or those adding machines that come with wrought iron stands.

Feel free to fax me your comments, faxaphones.


  1. Faxing is important because surprising as it may seem, some people in their 30s and 40s don’t quite understand e-mail and attachments and such. Some people our own age don’t even understand it. That will all change when the people who are in their early 20s now take over workplaces. They’re all plugged in.

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