MinnesotaBrown endorsements are coming

On Jan. 2, the eve of the Iowa Caucuses, MinnesotaBrown (OK, me) will be endorsing a Democrat and a Republican for their respective party’s nomination. I am doing so for two reasons: 1) to attempt to have some influence on a process that will leave me nothing but the decision to rubber stamp the front-runner in Minnesota’s Feb. 5 primary, and 2) to test the theory that my endorsement is a kiss of death. I’ve yet to vote for a winner in any presidential primary or general election. If I am wrong about these endorsements, I will shut the hell up about who I like for the rest of time.

I have an idea who I will endorse, but please use the comments section to get me to change my mind.


  1. I’m still a John Edwards man. Obama turned me off with his comments about Pakistan. Hillary turned me off when she refused to vote against the war, refused to agree to bring our troops home if she won, and the many times she’s supported outsourcing.

    On the Republican side, vote for anyone except Rudy. He has no plan.

  2. I disagree that your Feb. 5 vote will be a rubber stamp. It only is to the extent you, and others, let it be. If the front runner for any party stumbles just before Minnesota, and the Minnesota voters suddenly choose someone else, it will, indeed be noteworthy. This whole concept that it really matters who is first is bunk.

    I do agree, however, that Iowa no longer is as reflective of the nation at large as it used to be. Iowa voters have a very different set of values from most of the US. If you look at the last few several elections you’ll quickly find that the winner in Iowa often doesn’t stay in front long.

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