Moody Out

For those who follow TV news out of the Duluth market (Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin), some news. Edward Moody, the accomplished and odd-looking morning anchor for the Northland NewsCenter (Channels 3 and 6) is leaving for Rochester, N.Y.

I don’t know who will replace Moody, but I expect the person will look just as strange, if not more. In our house we have been observing the fact that “NewsCenter” personnel have something of a plasticine, robotic quality while their competitors at WDIO (Channel 10) veer to the opposite extreme, deeply realistic humanity — sometims overly so — displayed on the screen. We’re pretty loyal to WDIO as viewers, but it makes for fun commentary when we flip around the dial. It’s probably just the lighting.

(The Hibbing Daily Tribune has a news-sharing agreement with Range 11, an affiliate of the Northland NewsCenter and Channel 6. Thus, it’s important to know that my comments are my own and that if any NewsCenter staff are reading this that I’m not talking about them but “you know who” in the other cubicle).


  1. I agree with you man. That is one of the reasons why I don’t care for Northland’s News Center, I mean seriously do they expect to be “young-willed”?

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